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The Suitcase Band
No more loving, just foolin’ No more hurting, no more bruisin’ No more heart aches needing mending No more talking, just pretending She placed a hand upon her lips, the other on my shoulder “Just hush a while, you’ve said enough – the time for talk is over This day to day can’t carry on I need some space to call my own I’d like to dance from time to time - but please don’t come much closer” “Don’t try so hard just save your breath.  I know you’re thinking of me The little things you do for me, I don’t want you to worry You take such care delighting me You think so much it frightens me It’s time for you to sober up, I don’t want you to love me” “I try to live a simple life, you’re just too complicated Your gentle heart is on the line and I don’t want to break it You know how much I’ve persevered But now I’m running out of tears My pulse is doing double time I don’t think I can make it”
No More Loving