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The Suitcase Band
Mrs Jones
1. Good morning boys now settle down Don’t want to hear another sound Close your eyes I’ll paint the scene I’ll plant a seed, you’re going to dream. When she starts reading, nobody’s breathing, no one wants to hear the bell Nobody’s leaving, 30 hearts beating, nothing’s going to break the spell Every boy is praying to the stars above Everyone’s a bit in love with Mrs Jones 2. And Mrs Jones is unaware. Adjusts her clothes, plays with her hair And thirty boys too young to shave Grow up some more with every page Every page she’s turning, thirty fires burning, books are bursting into flames Every boy’s yearning, every boy’s learning, hidden words on every page Every boy’s hoping that he’ll never wake up Everyone’s a bit in love with Mrs Jones 3. Every word and every pause A tightrope walk, our hearts’ applause She whispers soft in every ear Secrets that only he can hear Every word spoken, another heart broken, no-one seems to mind the pain Every boy hoping, every door she opens, is never going to close again Every boy's praying to the stars above Everyone's a bit in love with Mrs Jones Every boy's falling, hears a siren calling, never be the same again Every page turning, thirty fires burning, thirty boys up in flames I was cured I never sobered up I guess I’m back in love with Mrs Jones
From the album Flat Earth by The Suitcase Band